What you can do near Gatteo Mare

Near Gatteo Mare you can enjoy fun parks, shopping in large shopping centers, visit ancient villages full of culture and history or find yourself in direct contact with nature.

Topolino Park

Mickey Mouse Park

Guaranteed fun

At Mickey Park you can find: video games, rides and many other entertainments.
0.5 Km 3' web
Cinema UCI Savignano sul Rubicone

Cinema UCI Savignano

Multiplex cinema with 12 rooms

In Savignano sul Rubicone, just north of Rimini, cradle of Fellini’s cinema, UGC Ciné Cité gave life to its first Italian project: 12 rooms, 2,500 seats.
3 Km 6' web
Centro Commerciale IPER Rubicone

Romagna Shopping Valley

Convenient Shopping

Large shopping center that includes Iper supermarket, more than 100 shops, dining options, cinemas, ice cream parlors, children’s area and much more.
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Summer is in the air

Atlantica is a water park of over 100,000 square meters located in Cesenatico. It offers entertainment for all tastes and all age groups and has a large green area where you can have a picnic or relax in the shade during the hottest hours. During the days there are parties, group dances and shows.
9 Km 12' web
Italia in Miniatura

Italia in Miniatura

A unique experience

Live a unique experience exploring the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe, through over 270 perfect scale reproductions of monuments and architectural masterpieces.
14 Km 16' web
Cervia - Museo del Sale

Salt Museum MUSA at Cervia

Salt Museum

The Cervia salt museum is born from the desire not to disperse a unique cultural heritage for the city. Inside the museum there is a permanent exhibition and educational activities and training courses for all ages are held.
16 Km 20' web
Borgo di Longiano

Longiano – Montiano

Landscapes in history, art and culture

In the Forlì Cesena province there are Longiano and Montiano, between history and culture.
18 Km 25' web


Enjoy the fun

Mirabilandia is the largest of the Parks of Romagna. There are then 40 attractions for all young and old.
25 Km 30' web
Centro Commerciale "Le Befane"

Le Befane Rimini

A large shopping center

Shopping center that includes supermarket, shops, restaurants, refreshment points, ice cream parlors, and much more …
25 Km 30' web


In the fairy-tale village

Fiabilandia is spread over an area of 120,000 square meters on which the various attractions are located.
27 Km 35' web
Bowling Seventies a Rimini

Bowling Seventies at Rimini

Dedicated to young people and families

Completely renewed 70s style, you can find: Bowling alleys, children’s playground, billiards, restaurant, 3 concerts a week.
28 Km 35' web

Castle of Azzurrina at Montebello

Voices from the past: the legend of Azzurrina

“… his eyes were sky-colored and his hair was light with blue reflections …”. Between history and legend visit the castle day and night.
29 Km 45' web
Acquafan Riccione

Acquafan di Riccione

Very cool summer!

Aquafan is located in Riccione and is one of the first water parks built in Italy. The park offers many classic aquatic entertainment including water slides, wave pool, slow and fast river, combined with more modern attractions such as the Black Hole, Kamikaze, SpeedRiul and Twist.
36 Km 30' web


A dive into the blue

Oltremare is a park for 600 million European citizens: full of paths and exciting encounters with nature.
36 Km 30' web
Indiana Golf

Indiana Golf

Golf for everyone

INDIANA GOLF is the largest themed adventurgolf in Italy. Nestled in a park of 7000 square meters. on the seafront of Riccione 5 minutes from the center, you can experience an unforgettable adventure between waterfalls and rocks, ups and downs, lakes crossed by bridges.
40 Km 40' web
Rocca di San Leo

Castle of San Leo

Ancient village

San Leo, formerly known as Montefeltro, is located 583 meters above sea level, 32 km away. from Rimini, in Val Marecchia (SS 258), on a huge rock all around impassable; it is accessed by a single road cut into the rock.
42 Km 60' web
Acquario di Cattolica

Aquarium of Cattolica

Face to face with the Sharks

An unforgettable journey that will take you to know the sea and its relationship with man. Over 70 display tanks, which host over 3000 specimens of 400 species, coming from the seas all over the world.
47 Km 40' web
Castello di Gradara

Castle of Gradara

Ancient village

Gradara Castle (chosen among the hundred most beautiful villages in Italy) stands on a panoramic hill between the Romagna and the Marches just a few kilometers from the sea.
52 Km 45' web
Grotte di Frasassi

Frasassi caves

Discover timeless beauty

The caves of Frasassi are wonderful underground karst caves that are located in the municipality of Genga, in the province of Ancona. Speleological visits are also possible.
160 Km 120' web